Serving customers quality meats since 1963.

Our Story

Since 1963, 50 years of Butchering on the Goodwood Road strip, this old fashioned butcher shop was pioneered and forged into the Goodwood community by an enthusiastic young Butcher, Mick Hammond.

We have some third-generation customers and some who have moved away but still come here to shop.

With the old fashioned Butcher shop doors, bursting with customers onto Goodwood Roads footpaths, on Saturdays the Quality and service speak for themselves.

After a work-lifetime including big changes away from meat and three veg. to value-added and gourmet lines, and a pioneer role in the introduction of kangaroo meat to the menu, the baton has now been passed to David Armstrong, family trained qualified Butcher and Small goods maker for over 20 years.

Some things will never change the enthusiasm, passion, and its staff, continuing its strong commitment to Quality meat and products, with old fashioned customer service forging its way into the next 50 years.

Drop in and see us, if you come in on a Saturday, don’t be in a hurry, remember good meat is worth waiting for!


Goodwood Quality Meats


Seeing you soon!