" I’m very picky with the way we select our meat and products and we do this with our customers squarely in mind "
David Armstrong
Owner Goodwood quality meats


From the beginning of our journey, we were always mindful of the relationship that Goodwood Quality Meats shared with our community.

We have developed a deep relationship over our time here and have built on this by becoming part of our customers days by providing great meat, value and friendly advice for our customers.

We innovate and develop new ideas in meat and ready to eat meals that save people time while providing a great flavour filled  experience.




Our Yearling Beef, is sourced by one of South Australia’s highest reputable suppliers, with beef being produced in South Australia’s lush fertile grassland, then hand-selected.

We work very closely with our beef producer Doug Vantine whose property is nestled in South Australia’s lush fertile grassland of Misty Valley, Willunga. Doug shares our views on animal welfare, with a large emphasis on relaxed conditions, grass fed and chemical free beef cattle.

We work closely with Doug, ensuring our beef comes in with the highest respect given to the animal from the farm gate all the way to your plate, so we are able to supply the best quality naturally rich and full-flavoured beef, each and every time.


We work with select network of dedicated farmers, from the south-east of South Australia who share our passion for producing an excellent product, that is grown sustainably and taste sensational.

We take care from paddock with our farming network to the plate with an emphasis on quality of life for the animal Using a dorper cross breed.

Naturally lean means it’s not just good eating but it meets and ticks all the ethical boxes.  It’s all grass fed and because there’s no wool, the lambs don’t need shearing or mulesing, it provides the best quality for our customer.



Proudly using only Australian Pork, we work very closely with our farmer, Adam Cormack here in South Australia’s, very own privately owned piggery, where the welfare of the animals is of the highest importance.

We work very closely with Adam to ensure we only get the finest of the female pigs from the herd.  With Adams help and excellent conditions, the quality of the pork is exceptional.



Greenslade Chickens, breed happy chickens which result in high quality chicken products for our consumers.

They do this by creating a natural living environment for the flock, through the use of fresh air ventilated housing sheds and large expanses of grazing land for the chickens to wander freely.

They encourage the birds grow at a slower rate in these conditions, which in turn produces a more mature bird with loads of texture and flavour.




Luv-a-Duck is a family owned and operated Australian business and has been established for over 42 years. 

Ducks are grown in the Victorian Wimmera region, which is renowned as ideal conditions for ducks. It is a rural, pollution free environment. The ducks are housed in large, open sided enclosure like barns with natural light, fresh air and room to move around and socialise. Trained stock-people take care of the duck’s welfare ensuring that they are comfortable, relaxed and that there is always dry and clean litter to walk on. 

They are protected from adverse weather conditions and predators that include foxes, feral cats, crows and magpies. 


Goodwood Quality Meats provides seasonal fish for our customers and focuses on sourcing a limited selection that is in high demand from our customers. We specialise in both smoked and raw salmon, garfish and tommies amongst other options that we know you will enjoy!