Is there a heaven for those who enjoy the finest beef?
We think so and invite you to enjoy the ultimate experience
David Armstrong
Owner Goodwood quality meats


We dry age our grass fed beef using large primal of beef, such as scotch fillet, porterhouse and rump on the bone, with perfect fat coverage.

We set it aside for 4-6 weeks in specially designed fridges which have the perfect humidity, air movement, and temperature, to fully mature, before being cut into steaks to give it a full rich deep flavour.

With divine tenderness, it will absolutely melt in your mouth.

Strictly for lovers of quality, flavour and tenderness.

Whiskey Aged
Since 2017 Luke Leyson (Our Aged Steak Specialist in the picture) has been working with some of the World’s best French Boucher’s and French trained Chefs.

Luke has been building trusted relationships, sharing knowledge, to bring to you some of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Combining the full depth flavour of dried aged beef, and infusing with Whisky.
This is a truly overload on the senses, and made just for the lovers of fine food.