our store in the older days

Mick Hammond the previous owner had this place for 49 years. For the first 6 months, people wouldn’t even let me serve them or talk to me. So my goal was to be better than he was. We used similar or the same suppliers and looked to make everything we were doing one step better than it was and people started to warm to our approach.

Then we started to give the shop a warmer feel so when you came in the timber gave it a more comfortable feel and we focussed on changing our uniforms to create a professional feel. We’re still on a journey to make the shop the best we can and a place our customers want to visit and feel right at home.

David Armstrong | Owner, Goodwood Quality Meats


Goodwood Quality Meats butchers has entered into teams and competitions both locally, nationally and internationally.

Developing ideas and concepts in meat goes well beyond what we have been taught. It opens our eyes to the latest idea and trends and allows us to showcase just what we can do.

The best part is that our customers get to enjoy the spoils of our success around the dinner table every night.

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2019                                                     SA  Best retail Shop
2018                                                      SA award of Excellence, Best retail Butcher shop
2017                                                      SA retail gold standard award of excellence
2016                                                     SA retail gold standard award of excellence
Mexican Jalapeño and Sour cream        (World’s Best Gourmet Sausage Ireland 2018 world butchers challenge)
Spanish Chorizo Sausage                             SA best continental sausage 2019 Sausage King
Butchers own thin Beef                                Traditional Australian 2017 Sausage King)
Vietnamese Chicken                                       Poultry sausage category 2017 Sausage King)
Smoked Spanish Chorizo                  SA best continental sausage 2019 Sausage King)
Duck and Shittake mushroom Pate       SA innovative product Awards of Excellence)
Terrine                                                                      SA innovative product Awards of Excellence)
Hot smoked salmon                                         SA innovative product Awards of Excellence)