Luv-a-Duck is a family owned and operated Australian business and has been established for over 42 years. The farms and processing plant are situated in the Wimmera area of Victoria. Luv-a-Duck is a vertically integrated company.

Where do the ducks live and how are they looked after?

Luv-a-Duck are very serious about the welfare of their ducks and to this effect have developed the following industry “best practice policies”.  Ducks are grown in the Victorian Wimmera region, which is renowned as ideal conditions for ducks. It is a rural, pollution free environment. The ducks are housed in large, open sided enclosure like barns with natural light, fresh air and room to move around and socialise. Trained stock-men take care of the duck’s welfare ensuring that they are comfortable, relaxed and that there is always dry and clean litter to walk on. They are protected from adverse weather conditions and predators that include foxes, feral cats, crows and magpies. They are also protected from disease transmission from migratory birds which is a serious issue.